Some of our projects:

Project Description with our services and used equipment

Car industry

Paint shop

Conveyor system for bodies.
Programming and commissioning
S7-417, OP17, Profibus, ET200S Motor starters, SIGUARD and DP/DP-coupler.
In this case our customer was Dürr GmbH

Car industry

Paint shop

Buffer for paint skids.
Programming and commissioning.
S7-417, OP17, Profibus, ET200S Motor starters, SIGUARD and DP/DP-coupler.
In this case our customer was Dürr GmbH.


Log sorting

Data collection from 2 log scanners and operator input. The position and collected data for each log is followed through the plant. At the long sorting conveyor the logs are kicked off into a bin, chosen from the collected data. In the part of the plant where the operator can make his input, the logs position and data are visualized on a monitor.
Programming, commissioning and education. 
S7-417, Profibus, ET200M, Industrial Ethernet, WinCC, RS232-communication.
The machinery and the rest of the automation was made of Tähkä OY


Combined log sorting and saw intake.
Rörvik timber

The plant was made in 2 stages. Due to this, the log sorting was already in use, when the commissioning of the intake started. The project contains automatic speed selection and the gap between the logs is optimized.
Programming, commissioning and education. 
S7-317, Profibus, ET200S, Frequency drive SEW (both direct connected to Profibus and through converter for S-bus), RS232-communication and OP17.
Data collection and sorting system was made by RemaControl, which also was our customer in this case. Machinery was delivered of Ingenjörsfirma Gösta Hedlund.

Some of our customers and what we do for them:

Customer Used services


Programming, commissioning, service and support regarding RemaControl's complete line of products in the sawmill industry. We handle RemaControl's customers in central Europe.


Installation, commissioning, service, support and in partly even development regarding their line of products used in sawmill-, board- and steel industry in central Europe. Also education of the users belongs to our services for Limab.

IMH Service AB

Installation assistance, commissioning, service and support on their machinery for making pallets they have delivered to central Europe. Education of users and translations of operator panels are other of our services IMH Service AB is using. Their customers is also call us, when they need spare parts.

MxtElpro AB

MxtElpro normally do the programming self for their customers, but when they have a lot to do or have new or special machinery to automate, they let us do the programming. MxtElpro delivers automation solution to the sawmill industry in northern Europe. 

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