IMA-MS deliver following services within industrial automation.

Consulting When you need help with ideas how to automate your machine, you can trust us. Even if your machine is impossible, we will do our best.
Planning To planning belongs to choose appropriate components for the automation and operator interface. In addition to that one should start to think over how the software should be done. Is it possible to use parts of software, which already are finished, or must something be new developed.
Development The planning tell us if some software have to be developed. The development of new functions are held on an PLC independent level, So that, at a later time, it can be implemented to a certain PLC in a simple way.
Programming In this area we do have experiences from several different brands. Of course is there not only the PLC, but also a lot of other components like operator panels, field buses and so on. Most of our experiences are coming from the Siemens products, S5 and S7. Among other brands in our spectrum of experiences we can mention SattControl, Melsec, Telemecaniqe, Modicon and Allen-Bradley.
Commissioning This important part of automation we take care of with delight. Even if somebody else has written the software.
Education Before the commissioning is completed should the personnel for the new machinery be educated. This we can do in English, Swedish or German. If IMA not has been involved in the projects earlier phases, first we need to be educated.
Support After the commissioning is completed, there are always a lot of questions and some whishes of changes. Now you or you customer can use our services to get answers or minor changes over phone (modem) or Internet. This of course also includes machinery that have been working for a longer time.
Service With the time, the machine goes older and a bit worn out, components breaks or other factors makes the function of the machine bad or completely out of order. Then it's time for a service. This can be made at site or we connect us to the machinery via modem or Internet.
Documentation Documentation on delivered solutions can be made in English, Swedish or German. It is also possible that we make documentation on solutions or components that not is within our delivery.
Translation We can also handle smaller technical translation between the languages English, Swedish and German. As an example can operator panels be mentioned.